Summer: The 'Short' Edition

Summer: The 'Short' Edition

Not that any Summer in Texas is ever short but we've got all the shorts you'll need to survive it! We all know when those temperatures start getting into to the 90s, all you wanna wear is a swimsuit and hit the pool! So for the days that the pool isn't an option, we've got shorts to keep ya covered! Need something stretchy to throw on? 3BH has some great chiffon short options in fun prints that have the perfect elastic waistband to make for a quick change. Gotta a special occasion but pants are just too hot? Shop our high-waisted, paper bag style shorts; they've got the perfect amount of comfort and class. Is it just too hot and you need something to wear everyday? I always go for a pair of classic denim shorts. My favorite denim shorts that we have in store right now are our 5225 Dark Semi-Boyfriend Destoryed Shorts. I love the dark wash because it is easy to dress up with a blouse or dress down with a graphic tee. They have an adorable frayed hem line and have a great length so my back side doesn't hang out (I know ya'll don't want to see that)! What makes them even more top notch is their higher waist and incredible stretch; I love high-waisted bottoms because I love to french tuck (front half tuck) my tops to give my outfit more shape and who doesn't love a good stretch in their britches for when they eat 1 too many hot dogs at the cookout. 

Us gals here at 3BH have even more colors and short styles coming soon! Join our MY3BH Facebook Group to get a first look every week at our newest and favorite styles! We go live every Tuesday @ 1pm and you won't want to miss it!

Texas Summer's are long, hot so fight the heat with our best fitting shorts!

Xx - Victoria

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