FALLing for Sweaters

FALLing for Sweaters

To say Fall is my favorite season is an understatement... I LIVE for Fall time. The warm drinks, the holidays, the sweater weather! I will use any excuse to wear chunky sweaters and bundle up! Sweaters are just comfy and easy to throw on when you're on the go, and this time of the year just about everyone is on the go; holiday party here, family gathering over there, it all goes by so fast! Luckily us gals here at 3BH have got you covered... literally. Chunky sweater? Got it! Funky sweater? My fav! Neutral colors? Of course! Long enough to wear with legging? We've got em! We even have sweaters for our curvy fit ladies. So what I'm trying to say is... we've got sweaters for everyone! 

We've even got the goods to style your sweater to perfection! My go to look is a funky patterned sweater, topped off with a cabby hat (that way I don't have to worry about fixing my hair lol), and my favorite high waisted blue jeans. Or you could go dressy with a pair of big statement earrings and some thigh high boots! We've got tons of new Fall-tone jewelry coming soon! Catch our live Facebook videos every Tuesday @ 11am to get first dibs on all the new styles (plus we have a special discount code that you can apply to your entire order!). Join our MY3BH Facebook group now so you don't miss out!

Whether you need a sweater for your festive, family Thanksgiving party or just to wear to work on the daily, we've got all the styles you'll need this season. We've even got one-of-a-kind vintage jackets to pair over your sweaters when it gets even colder this Winter!

Come shop in store and let me help you find your perfect, cozy sweater or shop online now at www.my3bh.com!



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