Home is where the Heart is

Home is where the Heart is

If you’ve found your way to this blog post then you know our big announcement...

Three Bears Headquarters is so excited to announce that we will begin carrying Home Decor in store in August of this year! If you’ve ever asked us if the decor was for sale, well soon the answer will be YES! We’ve gotten so many inquiries about our displays that we decided it was time for us to let you take a piece of Three Bears for your home as well as your closet. 

Home decor has been my hobby for years. I love thrifting to finding special pieces for my home and rearranging what I do have for a fresh start every now and then! I especially enjoy creating mood boards and layouts for my friends and family when they want something new for their homes. This additon to 3BH is so special to me, to all of us, because our store is like a second Home to us and getting the opportunity for y’all to have a part of it is amazing! 

We have a lot of handpicked decor that has already arrived and more on it’s way. It won’t be quite ready to purchase until mid August. But if you stay connected with us on Instagram, I will be posting sneak peaks along the way! I have a HOME highlight on our Instagram page that already has some glimpses of what we’ve got coming. 

Along with the new arrivals, we’re working hard to update some of our cosmetic appearances... But I’ll make y’all wait to see that in store ;) We can’t wait for y’all to come shop all our new items and to see how we decorate the store! 

Xx - Victoria 


Photo Credit: Pinterest 

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