Making the Most of January

Making the Most of January

I think everyone looks forward to the fresh start that a new year brings, even with all the nostalgia and realization that comes with it! I think bringing in the New Year surrounded by people that I love really puts into perspective how lucky I truly am. Also, getting dressed up is too fun to pass up! As January starts to set in from the rush of the New Year's parties and resolution kicks, I like to sit back and take my time making resolutions and setting intentions for myself. I feel like they stick longer if I don't jump into it too quickly or stop something cold turkey. Plus, it gives me time to really research and put thought into the changes I want to make for myself. 



For 2019, I have decided to update and change my wardrobe. I was partially inspired by the new Netflix series called Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. If you were on the hunt for a new show to binge (I didn’t give up binge watching for new year’s lol), you should put this one on your list! She is literally a dollop of joy. She teaches you how to appreciate the things you have; whether it be tons of clothes, shoes, books, toys, JUNK lol. Us 3BH gals also plan to have a garage sale the first week of February, so I want to be able to have stuff to share there too; another good incentive to whip my closet into shape! 



Closet cleaning is probably one of the most common resolutions every year, but I think it is an important one. Every year, every DAY we are always changing; what we like, what we dislike, favorite color, new hobbies, moving to a new place... all these things are considered when you are clothes shopping, so you can't expect your closet to be the same forever! Eventually everything starts pilling up and you need to filter through what items are really giving you JOY at this point in your life and what you need to pass on to the next person or purpose.






When it comes to a new year, do you set intentions or resolutions or do something else altogether?

XOXO - Victoria  


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