Your Hair is the Crown You Never Take Off

Your Hair is the Crown You Never Take Off


Finding good hair products can be daunting. I myself have spent a lot of money on products that didn’t work. They weren’t bad products, they just weren’t the right ones. And I don’t know about you but I feel on point when my hair is on point. 


Luckily 3 Bears Headquarters is not only a boutique but we have a salon as well. And the owner of the salon has brought in R +CO products.

R +CO products are hands down the best hair products I have tried. Let’s just say I’m obsessed!  It’s also good that we have three of the best hair stylist that can help guide you on what products fits your hair needs. 


R&Co products are formulated without parabens, sulfates, mineral oil and petrolatum. They are all vegetarian, cruelty-free, gluten-free and color-safe. Winner, winner chicken dinner!!!! Below are a few of my favorite R &Co products: 


Analog Cleansing Foaming Cleaner: It’s a foaming conditioner and light as a feather. 


Skyline Dry Shampoo: I’m a Diet Coke and dry shampoo kinda gal and this product is my go to in between hair washes.  It freshens my hair and also gives it some texture.


High Dive Moisture and Shine Creme: this is a great styling product. It gives my hair moisture, texture and protects my hair when blowing drying it. 


Trophy Shine and Texture Spray: this product gives your hair shine, texture and a protectant. Also some hold. 


R & CO’s website is pretty helpful in finding these awesome products but if you get a chance come on down to Three Bears Salon. Our hairstylist are the best and they can be very helpful. 




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