Victoria Lanas

Posted on March 24 2019


The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and I am itching to show some skin! Living in Texas all of my life, I have learned to brace myself and love the Summer time. Yes I skipped right over Spring because here in Texas we really only get Summer and Winter, and personally, I am not a fan of the cold. I live for the days when I can throw on a t-shirt and slip on my favorite cut off, denim shorts. When the weather gets warmer, I reach for my graphic tees more than ever. During the winter, I always wonder why the heck I have such a big drawer full of graphic tees, but when Summer rolls around, I am oh so grateful. Graphic tees are great for a date to the snocone stand or even a date night out with your honey! Dress em up, dress em down, you really can't go wrong with a tee and your favorite pair of denim. It is a classic look through all the ages. Add your own personal touch with a well-made hat or some funky earrings (my go-tos). You can even go as far as cutting up that old t-shirt! I love cutting my shirts to make them more cropped to go with my high waisted shorts, or even cutting the neckline because who wants to be choked by a t-shirt in the Texas summer heat?? Don't know where to being cutting up your favorite tee? No problem! Just bring it in to the store and our professional cutters (lol Casey, Davie, and I) can help bring your t-shirt dream to life! We can even help you cut those denim jeans that you wish were shorts! 

So don't feel guilty for buying all those graphic tees this season cause they aren't going out of style anytime soon!

- XX Victoria 

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